a quest

Shaun Smerling
2 min readMar 15, 2024

Tonight, the moon is full. The clouds separate to prove it. “Told ya”, they’ll say. Bright as ever.

Amongst the backdrop of the moon are stars. They shine really bright tonight too.

For some reason, the sky feels electric.

Like the brightness has been turned down on reality — the revealing of the stars comes as a shock. What beauty, you think.

This is the type of beauty that has always been ever present, everlasting.

It it us who forget to take the time to look.

You are standing there, on the edge of a body of water. A step away from your shoe being submerged in the cold, wet lake.

There’s a calm silence in the air. You look across the lake, far as the eye can see

Your gaze slowly heeds itself upwards to the stars once more.

Thousands of them glare back at you. A million years away. Yet they feel reachable. As if you could just extend your hand and grab them.

Quite the contrary.

To reach them would take more than a lifetime.

By which your life here would be 100 times over

They are all bigger then our sun, older then our Earth, and hotter than we can imagine

Unreachable, unobtainable, unimaginable.

Yet there they are, with all their grandeur and looking at us with all their beauty

Laughing at our perils, gawking at our problems. Scratching their heads at the mess we find ourselves in. Filling their hearts at the little moments they spare the time to watch.

But no question — they stay static, in all their beauty.

Every night gleaming in the sky. Staring into the souls of anyone watching.

An untouchable quest,

a forever game of struggle & journey

to get something you know is inaccessible.

You take a deep breath in and feel the sensation of crisp, evening air enter your nostrils as you turn around & head back.

Tonight, you dream of being amongst the stars and dancing in all their marvel.

as simple as closing your eyes, and letting go

is all it took

to experience what once was