emotion → energy

Shaun Smerling
2 min readJan 15, 2024

Pulling energy from emotion seems to me to be one of the most undervalued way of transmuting in life

We all feel strong emotions, but often pry away from them. Love, fear, anxiety, courage, empathy, lust. Whatever it is — these are all sources of power for us to pool into the world in whichever way we feel.

Sometimes its hard to take a grip of that storm inside of you. Its often those who are looked at as the most zen, or the most monotone, the most calm — that feel their emotions most deeply inside.

Its because they needed to conquer it the most. And eventually, they did.

Think of those who live a sedentary lifestyle of complacency and comfortableness. They never feel. They just do, routinely. Like an automaton. Thus, nothing ever occurs in their life. They’ve taken the gas out of the engine that drives their biggest dreams forward.

Maybe you’ll fall hard in love, or feel a ton of anxiety, or even be rushed with empathy for another. What WONT happen is the ability to just sit around or do nothing. You’ll be flushed with forward motion — in some direction ( and not always the most logical or thoughout direction).

If you can use that source of deep human emotion to push your biggest dreams forward, life can be an adventurous ride. Adventures are not always up. They have their fluctuations. But they are the icing on the cake. The flower that blooms. One of the purest beauties of life. And boy, what a ride it can be.